Tribalism In Ghana: Do Ewes Face Discrimination From Ashantis?


On Twitter yesterday, the issue of tribalism came up.

In Ghana, there’s usually some sort of rivalry between some tribes and there are lots of times some tribes are made fun of for lots of things.

A user tweeted about a recent experience where she had to avoid using her Ewe name in a room full of Ashantis.

People immediately reacted to her story and a whole conversation on Ewes and Ashantis and tribalism in general came up.

Some Ashantis felt she was wrong because Ashantis do get discriminated against all the time too and the whole “Ashantis don’t really like Ewes” narrative was exaggerated.

But Ewes and people who understood exactly what @le_loudmouth was implying immediately spoke up and some Ewes also shared their experiences.

Despite the stories being shared, people were still adamant that Ashantis have it the worst when it comes to tribal discrimination.

And others also brought up the fact that, tribalism is everywhere when it comes to all the tribes

What do you think? Have you experienced any discrimination because of your tribe? Does any part of this discussion feel real to you?

Source: Kuulpeeps

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