The Story Of A Baby That Was Stabbed In A Robbery

A silhouette of someone trying to stab another person

Guy, a Twitter user has shared a sad story of how his friend’s baby was stabbed during a robbery.

According to Guy, his friend was attacked by thieves on Friday night [June 19, 2020]. The thieves demanded money and his friend gave them $1,000, which was all he had, but thieves demanded more because they had, apparently, been following him all day and they saw him go to a bank to withdraw money.

Guy stated that the thieves took his friend’s baby girl and stabbed her to put fear in him to give them more money. But his friend couldn’t give them more because he didn’t have any money left.

Guy also indicated that his friend’s wife saw that the baby was bleeding and rushed on to save her from the thieves, but they stabbed her neck and her back and that caused her to scream for help.

The thieves fled after his friend’s neighbours became aware of what was happening and tried to sound an alarm.

Guy revealed that his friend’s wife, who was pregnant, bled to death. The baby, however, was rushed to the hospital and is receiving treatment.

Read the full story below:

“My guy was attacked by thieves last night, they demanded for money and he gave them 1000dollars but they claim they followed him all day and saw him going into a bank so he has more and he should bring it all, they took his baby girl and stabbed the baby to put fear in him.

“But my guy said that’s all he had on him and he didn’t go to the bank for money but just to make a transaction for someone, his wife saw their baby girl bleeding and rushed on to the attackers but they stabbed her on the neck and her back that’s when she screamed for help”

“Their neighbours I guess heard the noise and tried to sound an alarm which got the thieves to flee but the girl couldn’t make it, she bled to death but her baby girl was rushed to the hospital and is receiving treatment, this young girl died carrying an unborn baby Chale

“My guy only returned from the states months ago and intended to leave with the wife and baby but Covid19 changed plans and they had to wait, now see what has happened

“This guy was going thru it few years ago only for him to win the US lottery thing, they just completed their home and moved into it, I ask myself was it a blessing or a curse because when they were renting someone’s one-room thieves never attacked them, chale.”


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