Meet The Superheroes On UENR Campus

We may love them on some days and on other days, we may think that they are being a “nuisance”.

All these men want however is for us to be the best versions of ourselves in the near future. They treat us like they would their biological children and go the extra mile of helping us with all things aside from the academic responsibility they have towards us.

After all most of us are adults and we can decide to do whatever we like but that is what makes them fathers and for that, on a special day like today we would want to celebrate them.

Bra James BJ

The number 1 food vendor on campus who saves us with his bread and egg as late as 12 midnight and his Jollof. He is the only person who knows the recipe to that Jollof lol.

Dr Kabobah
– Lecturer and HOD of the Engineering Department

Prof Nana Sarfo Agyeman Derkyi
– Dean of Engineering

Dr Fosu Gyasi

Mr Prosper Anumah
– Lecturer

Dr Antwi Berko
– Lecturer

God bless you all for all that you do for us and we hope to make you all proud.


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