Meet The Real Life Superheroes Who Are Better Than Batman.

Richard Mofe Damijo and his children
Richard Mofe Damijo and his children

There are over hundreds of superhero movies and cartoons all over the world. Many of us are familiar with a few of these movie characters such as Batman, Superman, Flash, Zoro amongst others. But are these characters the real-life superheroes?

The answer is a definite “No”. Fathers are the one and only true superheroes. Right from our conception down to infancy, they have been there. Even when they are not close by or long gone to a place of rest, we still feel their presence.

A father sets aside his ego to embrace his children with unconditional love. They are our second god after God. They are our protectors when in danger. They don’t just rescue us like we see in superhero movies, they cuddle and whisper assuring words to our ears till we forget our fears.

Though there are times we are rebuked or disciplined by our fathers, yet it doesn’t stop them from praising us when we do the right thing. We understand the reasons he had to be strict in order to correct us in love that we may become a better person. A day is just not enough to celebrate them. So, if we thank them every day, month and year, they deserve it and more.

 To every superhero father out there, we sing songs of appreciation for the times you provided for the family and home at large and for every gift you brought home from work or travels.

 We appreciate the quality times and moments spent with you and the ones we are yet to spend.

Thank you for making the world a better and safe place for us to live.


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