Kevin Durant Honoured By His Dad With A Touching Message On Father’s Day

Wayne Pratt and Kevin Durant (photo by Chad Ricardo/NBC Sports Washington)

Father’s Day is usually a celebration of fathers, but Wayne Pratt chose to honour his son, two-time NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Kevin Durant.

After Kevin was born, Pratt left his wife Wanda Durant and their sons, Kevin and Tony, about a year later and was in and out of his family’s for about 10 years.

Pratt and Kevin Durant are now close as father and son and also friends.

Pratt played an advisory and support role for Durant when he decided on July 4, 2016, to sign with the Golden State Warriors as a free agent. Pratt was there to listen as his son made perhaps the biggest decision of his life.

In the letter, Pratt stated how proud he is to call Durant his son. He also stated some regrets and thanked Durant for forgiving him.

Watch Pratt read his touching message to his son Kevin Durant:

Video of Wayne Pratt reading a letter to his son Kevin Durant

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source: theundefeated

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