Kennedy Agyapong’s Daughter Apologises For Being A “Wayward” Child

Anell Agyapong hugging his dad Kennedy Agyapong [image via Facebook/Anell Agyapong]

Anell Agyapong, the “wayward” daughter, of Kennedy Agyapong, has asked for his forgiveness.

Kennedy Agyapong, some weeks ago in an interview, revealed that his daughter, Anell, had dropped out of school after he paid a huge amount of money for her tuition. He also revealed that his daughter is very brilliant, but has become a drug addict and a prostitute.

Well, Anell has admitted that she has not been a good daughter and has asked her father for forgiveness.

“My waywardness has become the cause of your ridicule, which can tarnish your integrity and image, and I implore your forgiveness,” she said in a Facebook post.

She added: “I’ve made better choices now and will continue to. Please Daddy, if one day you still find me worthy as your daughter, kindly have mercy on me and deliver me from myself. Love Always, Anell.”

Anell also took the opportunity to wish her dad a Happy Father’s Day.

Anell’s message to his dad, Kennedy Agyapong, on Father’s Day


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