Twitter Reacts To La Meme Gang’s Response To RJZ and Darkovibes’ Alleged Rape Accusations

Darkovibes and RJZ of the La Meme Gang

In the midst of all the “Kwaku BS left La Meme Gang” and “No, we sacked Kwaku BS”, one thing some people are overlooking is the fact that RJZ and Darkovibes, two members of the La Meme Gang have been accused of rape/sexual harassment and are actually in the process of being taken to court.

The accusations came at a time when women on Twitter came together to call out rapists, share their stories of sexual harassment and rape as well as educate people on what consent is and after days of no comment from either of the accused artistes, La Meme Gang put out an official statement today to address Kwaku BS leaving the group as well as addressing the rape allegations, calling them false.

Twitter users immediately pointed out how obvious it seemed that they were more interested in clearing the air about Kwaku BS than commenting properly on the allegations thrown at their members.

People teased them and expressed their disgust, disappointment and outrage at how they handled the whole issue.

They even found out that the group’s accusation that Kwaku BS logged them out of their official account @LaMemeGang in May after he was asked to go might be a lie becuase the account, according to Twitter searches has been suspended.

In the midst of all this, Darkovibes and RJZ are yet to comment on anything.

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Source: Kuulpeeps

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