I Was Getting Under Somebody To Get Over Someone – My Celibacy Story

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My decision to be celibate stemmed from me feeling like I had no purpose in my sexual life. Getting sex was not difficult; I didn’t have a problem relating to people and getting sex. It just got to a point where I felt like, what was the point of all the sex? I have been celibate for 5 months now.

Obviously having sex with multiple people is quite risky but that wasn’t why I wanted to be celibate. I just felt like what was the point in getting attached to people sexually and parting ways afterwards? There wasn’t any purpose for me anymore. It also felt like I was trying to fill a void with sex.

Then again, I had just come out from a bad relationship and I feel like I was getting under somebody to get over somebody and I realised that it wasn’t working and that’s where I got the idea to be celibate came from.

I face a number of difficulties with my decision though because you don’t go from enjoying sex to not doing it ever. I failed a week or 2 into my decision but I convinced myself that it was just one step back, I had to still keep going and it has worked for me.

I now redirect my energy into work since I have a lot to do there. Anytime I have an urge I either go out to play basketball or just go straight to work. It keeps my mind off it.

It’s really difficult because I have some silly friends that still send sexy pictures of girls just to laugh at me because they know I am celibate but I know it’s just one of those things. Lol.

The one thing that helped me was letting it be known that I am celibate cuz when people don’t know, they act and approach you like everything is okay. If they want me they’ll probably send a seductive picture of themselves and tell me to come over or something. Now that I’ve told them I’m celibate they’ve taken it seriously and now even when I have the urge and start acting funny, they alert me and ask if I’m not the one who said I was celibate. It really helps to tell people.

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