5 Things Only Bridesmaids Can Relate To

Image of a meme from Twitter

Being chosen to be part of your friend’s bridal train is everything! It makes you feel special and helps you know how much she treasures you. But you see, sometimes, it doesn’t always feel like this. It doesn’t always feel like “Wow, you’re part of the chosen people”. Sometimes it’s just more stressful than you imagined.

Here are some things bridesmaids can relate to.

1. Being added to a bridesmaid group out of the blue

Image of a meme. Source: Twitter

Eeerrmm… excuse me? What am I doing here please? What is this group about and why have I been added? Lol. The funny part about this is when you weren’t even that close to the bride. You din’t even think she knew your name, let alone, have your number. Now all of a sudden, you’ve been added to a bridesmaid group. If you remove yourself right now too they’ll say you’re rude. Sigh

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