Sarkodie And Manifest’s Brown Paper Bag: A Powerful Message In A Mediocre Song

Sarkodie and Manifest at Manifestivities '18 (Photo Credit: Snapshot_GH)

So Sarkodie and Manifest finally dropped the track we suspected they had been working on. Or maybe they forgot about it and decided to work on it recently. Whatever it is, the track is finally here and we are all psyched!!!

For those who don’t remember, when Sarkodie dropped that fire freestyle at the BET Awards about black women and Africans, he posted the video and said he’d hit up Manifest for a feature and… it’s here!

I know that the main purpose of the song is the message. Sarkodie has practically tweeted that we all need to stop rating bars and pay attention to the message and I agree. The message is mad powerful but hey, it’s not fun If we cannot ‘rate’ the track itself too right?

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Now it’s kind of weird that i’m sharing my opinion on this song so quickly because I agree that sometimes you don’t have to rush to give an opinion on new music. Sometimes you have to wait for the song to ‘settle’ first before you realize it’s a gem but… I’m also a firm believer of ‘first impressions are everything” when it comes to music.

My first impression of this song was.. meh.

Until i got to Manifest’s part.

Now, calm down. Before you start calling me a hater/fan, I don’t even listen to the two rappers religiously so I don’t have any agenda but, the song seemed to have been made for Manifest.

Sarkodie’s part of the track was rather boring and long. I zoned out a few times (and no, it’s not because he didn’t put in his best but something about my brain registering that I had heard the verse before on his BET cypher) and Sarkodie’s voice sounding monotonous over the beat just gave me a few yawns. I kept waiting for the ‘change’ and it kept going on for about three minutes. I almost thought the Manifest feature wasn’t coming.

Manifest on the other hand… maybe he was lucky because the production switched a few times especially when it broke off when he dropped some lines in Twi but listen, his flow was so beautiful. The Altra Nova beat was made for him and maybe it’s because the conscious rap thing is his style but, I enjoyed his verse way more than Sarkodie’s.

Brown Paper Bag is still a very powerful song about neo-colonialism and I think it’s poetic that two rappers known for their beef came together to preach a wake-up call to Ghanaians and Africans as a whole. The words were enlightening and really does make you think and yes, I think the two did something quite special even if I didn’t enjoy its package.

Get the song on all platforms here: Brown Paper Bag

Or listen to it here:

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