Check Out The Genius Visual Artist Behind The Sark & Manifest Cover Art

Photograph of Bright Ackwerh taken by Kwame Pocho

Sarkodie and Manifest released a lyrical thought piece yesterday that we just can’t get enough of.

The song, Brown Paper Bag touches on themes of racial injustice, and the subject of the unification of the African content. The metaphorical Brown Paper Bag represents money that African countries receive from outside the continent, as well as money’s role in corruption and our dependence of on foreign aid/intervention.

There is arguably no other artist who could have captured the themes of the song quite as well as Bright Ackwerh. Political themes such as this have become the artist’s forte in recent times.

You can check out some of the his other work here.

Posting on his Instagram, Bright Ackwerh acknowledges how appreciative he is for having worked on the project.



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