6 Interesting Health Benefits Of Locust Beans

locust beans
locust beans

Do you know that Locust beans commonly referred to as “iru” among the Yorubas and known as Ogiri by the Igbos, and Dawadawa by the Hausas has a lot of amazing health benefits you might not know of?.

Locust beans are high in lipid (29%), protein (35%), carbohydrate (16%), and is a good source of fat and calcium.

Although, many people do not like it because of its unpleasant smell.  

Yet, when eaten raw or added as local ingredients to foods, it can prevent many health issues.

Not to talk of how it brings out the delicious aroma and taste in our meals.

See the amazing benefits below

Regular consumption of locust beans can control cholesterol, which causes blockage of blood vessels and can lead to heart-related diseases.

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Consumption of locust beans helps to promote good sight

It improves digestion thereby preventing constipation.

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Locust beans helps in the treatment of stroke through regular consumption

Locust beans contain a nutrient called Tannin which can serve as a local medicine for treating diarrhoea, (which is a condition where a person excretes in liquid form repeatedly).

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It also helps to regulate blood sugar level.


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