How Twitter Dragged Android Users Because Of The Voice Note Feature

Image of a meme from Twitter

Some 2 weeks ago I wrote an article about how some Nigerians treat their iPhones like it was everything even to the extent that they treat people with it with more respect as compared to those with androids. Some even said using an Android was a deal breaker and went ahead to give “characteristics” of people who use androids as compared to iPhones. Read about it here.

Yesterday, the roasting of android phone users continued on Twitter as Twitter Users dragged android users because a new feature, recording voice notes, rolled out for just iPhone users. Apparently, android users will get their own feature later.

If we are being honest, most of the times, iPhone users get the updates first and once they see how it works, Android users get theirs later which will hurt a bit. We know it will eventually come to Android users but it’s almost as if they’re reiterating that Android will always come second to iPhones which isn’t true.

Anyways! Here are some of the things Twitter Users said to android users in an attempt to drag them.


Image of a screenshot from Twitter


Image of a screenshot from Twitter


Image of a screenshot from Twitter

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