D’banj’s Rape Allegation: Here’s All You Need To Know

D'banj is a Nigerian musician and songwriter

For the past three weeks, women from all corners of social media have combined the power of their voices to name their abusers and state details of the sexual violence they have experienced on different occasions. Amongst the alleged abusers, was the widely celebrated artist D’banj, who was accused by two different ladies of molestation and another of rape.

While one of these ladies remained anonymous, the other lady, Seyitan shared details of her encounter in a Twitter thread, and shortly after an open letter to the singer demanding a public apology for his alleged actions.

Post of Seyitan’s thread

Per her Twitter thread, she detailed that two years ago, she met D’banj at an all-white party at Eko Atlantic with his then manager and friend. In her account, she was stated that D’banj had taken a liking to her and was offered a large sum of money to sleep with him, to which she blatantly refused.

According to her Twitter thread, D’banj allegedly barged into her room after he was given the key by the hotel’s facility, and after this, she recounts disturbing details of the singer forcing himself on her.

The singer had remained quiet about these allegations and seemed to be carrying on with life as normal, celebrating his 40th birthday with a live-streamed show just last week. This was up until yesterday, when he released a public statement denying these allegations.

In addition, there was also a rebuttal with a legal document detailing a defamation suit against Seyitan which demanded a public apology, N100 million in damages amongst a host of other requests. The letter stated that if these demands were not met within 48 hours, they will be forced to take further legal actions.

D’banj’s reaction to the allegations. Posted by BoonbuzNG

Following this, journalist and activist Kiki Mordi announced that Seyitan had been arrested by the Police custody for defamation. Mordi also stated that the police did not grant Seyitan access to her family or her legal team.

Kiki Mordi, in her latest update, stated that Seyitan was released last night. The founder of Stand To End Rape, Ayodeji Osowobi recently tweeted thanking everyone for their support and confirmed that Seyitan is currently with her.

Ayodeji Osowobi tweet about Seyitan

source: thenativemag

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