Bobrisky Shares 7 Unusual Tips On How To Become A Rich Sidechick


Nigerian internet sensation, Bobrisky has recently been trending on social media. The transgender revealed the one thing that cannot be taken from her is “trend” as she knows how to make the internet talk about her nonstop.

Bobrisky who shared tips on how to become a rich side chick via her Instagram account beckoned young girls to get a pen and note it down. The tips are as follow
  1. Never show or tell anyone who you are fucking.
  2. Do you think you have friends? Naaa you don’t. Don’t ever tell your friends who is paying your bills. No matter how close you guys are
  3. Learn how to keep a SECRET. It is important because it helps a lot
  4. The moment you catch a big boyfriend.. give him all the styles his wife can’t give him at home
  5. Never be jealous, he is not your husband. He is a married man. Fuck him well and cop his money coded
  6. Never act desperate… Work hard and wait for his own additional support
  7. Learn to dress to kill, smell nice and stay beautiful always.


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