5 Types Of Voice Notes We Cannot Wait To See On Our Twitter TLs

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Twitter’s Voice Note feature is exciting and even though some think it might turn out to be annoying, the novelty of it all has us thinking fast to how much this feature is going to provide entertainment on the already entertaining bird app!

We do not know about you but we are already looking forward to these type of voicenotes because they are going to be LIT!!

British Accents

Everyone says they have the best accents because listen, have you heard a UK person speak? Some make it sound ordinary but 90% of them, the second they start speaking…

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Drunk and high voice notes

When a friend sends them, they are usually so funny but now, imagine people doing that on Twitter!!! Lmao too bad the pandemic has bars closed because Fridays would have totally become Twitter Entertainment Day.

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Twitter dramas

Twitter fights are usually entertaining when you are not involved. When the drama is far away from you, you enjoy every bit of it but now…now the drama is going to take a whole new turn because once the Twitter fingers are going back and forth with insults, a few voice notes will be sprinkled here and there and we’d hear all the disses and tears in full force!!!

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All the artistes and upcoming artistes and “I’m not an artiste but I can sing/rap” people are going to go off!! Some might get annoying but hey, give us that freestyle y’all!! Don’t let anyone stomp all over your joy! If John Legend can share a snippet of new music using the voice note feature hours after Twitter released it, why can’t you!?

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Sexy voices

People who always hear “You have a nice voice oo” are about to expand their ‘market’ because this is their time to shine!!! A few voice notes will have ladies and gentlemen eating from their hands and well, we are quite partial to hearing sexy voice notes on our timelines so…GIVE US!!!

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Voice Note Memes And Reactions

Because we know the comedians are going to shine!! Video kakra, voice note kakra, just make sure it’s funny because, why else are people on Twitter if not to laugh?? And reactions lol if you thought the typed out reactions were funny, wait till you hear voice note versions. The annoying laughter, screams…everything!

Twitter just became a huge Whatsapp group!

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Don’t disappoint us y’all!

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