13 Of The Most Hilarious Twitter Voice Notes So Far

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Twitter just introduced a new feature. No, it’s not an edit button…it’s a voice note feature.

Yesterday evening, users discovered they had this new update and everyone started trying it out! Okay, not everyone because the feature is limited to iOS users only. This means Android users may have to wait for a while!

Now the voicenotes have been piling in and we just couldn’t help but take a few of our favourites and share!

“Shutup your oh!!”

Aside the fact that we did not understand the language she used at the end and her accent is just beautiful, this was the funniest voice note we heard yesterday.

Voice note? Let me hear your shouting!!

“iOS Peeepo!!!”

If you use an Android phone, you’d just be irritated lmao

“Kumasi or wah eva yeah”

Haters will say her accent is fake

“y3 ka fufuo saa yabasa y3ya”

This is a plea from a Ghanaian in the states to our president lmao

“Can we fix, can we blend? can we contour?”

This is actually from a viral video on Instagram but it’s still priceless!

“That remembers me you know”

“Wig as3 helmet”

The funniest thing about this is, lol why now? Why drag someone’s wig now? Lmao what did they do?!


“James 4:6”

“The way i dey come screeaaaammm”

There’s something about his laughter

“Testing 1,2, tree”

Woes of an Arsenal fan

Message from Pappy Kojo…

This voice note feature may just be the funniest thing to happen on Twitter…for now.

source: kuulpeeps.com

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