UENR: Excerpts From The Meeting Between SRC, Class Reps And The Dean Of Students.


Yesterday 16th June 2020, the SRC together with class reps of the final year students met with the Dean of students to discuss measures that will help enhnace the well being of final year students as they prepare to write their exams and also avoid the possible spread of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Below are some highlights from the meeting:

  • There will be temperature Checks before entry into the lecture hall
  • There will be Veronica Buckets in front of each class. Every student is to wash their hands with the water and soap before entering.
  • Hand Sanitizers would be fixed behind lecture Hall doors. Students must make sure to sanitize their hands before sitting down
  • One table and chair per student through the 6 weeks
  • Lecturers are not to walk through seated students whiles lecturing
  • Don’t remove masks once you enter the class
  • Do not touch the stair rails when climbing (incase your lecture is on the first floor of a storey building)
  • No group activities of any sort should be held on campus
  • No religious meeting of any sort should be held on campus
  • No sports activities should go on
  • Lecture Rescheduling is Not Advised
  • ASSESSMENT CA = 60% and EXAMS = 40%


  • Long essays (written form) for those without their data.
  • Those with theirs can carry on or still convert to writing if they so wish
  • Lecturers, supervisors or HODs shouldn’t give deadlines to students
  • With respect to the nose masks we are to receive from the SRC and the school (provided by the president), it’ll be shared in class by the class reps.

Let’s all make sure we adhere to the rules and have a successful stay for the next 10 weeks.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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