Reggie Rockstone Reveals Why He Packaged His Waakye In Jars

Reggie Rockstone is a Ghanaian rapper, entrepreneur and pioneer of the Hip-Life

Reggie Rockstone, apparently, is the brain behind the ‘waakye in jars’ which has been trending on social media for about 24 hours now.

Photos of ‘waakye in jars’ popped up on social media yesterday, and that resulted in discussions about waakye and why it is wrong to package the food in jars.

Well, Reggie Rockstone has responded to people who condemned the packaging of his waakye in jars.

According to Reggie Rockstone, the ‘waakye in jars’ are not for the public. He disclosed that packaging was for a deal to provide waakye in that form for some hotels and also for exportation.

He also assured his customers that he still serves his waakye in leaves as they want it.

“Fear not my fellow Ghanaians. This is not for you who like your RockzWaakye as we gave! This is an innovation that has hit the Bank Acc so smile! Yours is same but this na deal! No plastic and very environmentally dope! Hotels and for our fam outside and for u who want it so.”

“Sat here reading comments and reactions to the “JahWaakye” concept! Very interesting but I want all to know your RockzWaakye is as it is and the way you want it! No change! We, however, hit the jackpot with a contract u go clap for! We are doing a bunch of hotels here and out!”

Reggie Rockstone’s tweet on why he packaged his waakye in jars

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