How Artistes Can Use TikTok To Their Advantage

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TikTok is the new craze.

Almost everyone has the app.

The social media app became popular at the time when most countries were on total lockdown and everyone was bored and needed some entertainment and since then, it seems it’s here to stay! At least for now.

Now with the way the app has gained popularity, it makes sense that people will take advantage of it for business and, as artistes, it’s very important that you do too!

Sharing song links on Twitter and Facebook is not enough and having a new social media site to your advantage can make a huge difference.

Of course, things won’t blow up immediately but, time and consistency can help!

Find a TikTok Friendly part of your song

TikTok has millions of users and 90% of the content there relies on music or soundtracks so the first thing you need to do is to make sure your song is TikTok friendly. Honestly this just means you need to have a fun and catchy chorus/hook that can be used and will easily catch on.

Upload the catchy hook/verse

Once that’s done, get your track uploaded so anyone can search for it and use it.

According to, getting your track on TikTok is easily done in two ways. The first being through a distributor or Apple Music and the second being a more DIY method explained below:

1: Upload a video with the clip of that track in that you want to use. (So that mean, a pre recorded video with the soundtrack on it already. Open the app, tap on the plus sign)

2: Click upload in the bottom right hand corner to upload (Remember videos are up to 60seconds but keep it shorter to make it easier to catch on)

3: Name your sound: ‘Track Name – Artist Name’ so it’s easy for others to find.

Get influencers

Yes, there are influencers on TikTok. Ghanaian influencers who have lots of followers who can easily do something or anything with your song to get more reach! You can find some of them here: 5 Regular Ghanaians Who Are Tik Tok Superstars.

Start a challenge

Drake, Meg Thee Stallion, and many others can testify to how awesome and easy it is to drive attention to your new song. True, this is Ghana and you’re probably just a tiny emerging artist with little to zero following but, this is where you need all your friends to support your music. You’d be surprised how easily this will catch on once people see more and more people doing it.

Be creative. Make up an easy dance routine that can go viral, do a very short skit…the possibilities are endless!

If you can spare some cash, get influencers involved! Reach out and work on a bargain and adding freebies for giveaways will make this catch on even faster because hey, who does not like gifts??

Use Hashtags

Apparently TikTok works just like Instagram where hashtags can be used to find content so please, make sure you have a simple hashtag that can be tracked to you and that can easily go viral without any difficulty.

Explore the features

You can use the duet feature which makes it seem like people are singing your song with you. First upload yourself singing so that anyone who wants to duet will just have to find your, existing video. Once they find it by checking out your profile, they’d just have to tap ‘share’ and select the duet option which will then allow them to record themselves while yours is playing so that the timing is aligned.

It’d look something like this:

And… that’s all!

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