8 Other Meals You Can Put In A Jar Aside ‘Waakye’ And Cake

meals in a jar
images via Twitter//@eli__k, @mensaduncan

Creativity is good and branding is just wonderful.

Mason jars are so beautiful and useful and cakes in a jar are the most adorable uses of the jar.

If you do not know what they are, this is how delicious and beautiful they can look like!

Red Velvet Cake In A Jar - SugarHero
via Sugarehero.com

Now yesterday, on Twitter, we discovered some kind of branded meal in a jar…


The jar layered with talia, gari, stew and the waakye was wrapped in a foil and wrapped with waakye leaves.

A look.

image via Twitter//@ameyawdebrah

Now we know you’re all laughing and wondering what the hell that is but, we did some more research to find out what other things are put in a jar. Why is something that is not cake in a jar?

Well, look what we found! From bread to salads to noodles…these are some meals you can put in a jar but first…

Yam and egg stew anyone?

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