5 Common Texting Habits That Make Conversations Boring

boring conversations
boring conversations

Have you noticed that when you are having an interesting conversation with someone, you wouldn’t want it to end quickly?. Once it becomes dry, the chats come to an abrupt end. Many people would even say they aren’t good at replying a convo, others just feel it’s the fault of the other person if the chat becomes boring. Then their chats go on vacay or should I say ghost mode?

But do you know that your reply to a message determines if the conversation would last long and be fun or short and dry at the same time? Check out the common replies that affect chatting and texting

1. Continuous use of shorthand

An (Almost) Exhaustive List of Social Media Abbreviations and Acronyms

These include k, lol, aii, ryt, bk, brb, nvm, hmmm, yeah, sure to every single message sent to you. Like why?. Some would even use abbreviations you don’t understand and you’ll be like “what’s this one now?” abbreviations like lwkmd, Lmao, wtf, jjct, frty and other ones that might make one lose interest in chatting.

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