Twitter Accounts Expose Identities Of Sexual Predators

Photo by Lucxama Sylvain from Pexels

If you have been on Twitter any time in the past few days, then you are aware of the current conversation. The status quo for a long period of time, on incidences of sexual abuse, has been passivity and non-action.

When women have experiences with men who violate the core principles of consent, the appropriate consequences are often not meted out. In fact, the structure of our society tends to protect abusers. We settle rape cases at home and we persuade women to protect the reputations of their abusers.

There is a reluctance to address actions that are clearly predatory and abusive to women. And over time, a stigma has become associated with being a victim of rape or other non-consensual sexual overtures.

However, recently things have changed. Women are coming forward; in order to educate, and in order to force accountability for the abuses being committed against them. One of the latest developments in the revolution against sexual assault is women sharing the identities of their abusers, and stories of those abuses.

There is now an anonymous account: exposing (@nomorerapists), that is championing this fight. Stories are sent to the account anonymously using the curious cat platform.



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