Struggles When Working From Home In The Rainy Season

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Because of the times that we are in and the increasing cases of COVID-19 we have in the country, a lot of companies have resorted in working from home.

Although this is convenient for most if not all workers, this rainy season is somehow not making us see top. Lol. There are so many temptations and struggles and only the Lord knows how we fight those battles.

If you’re working from home during this period, we are sure you can relate to some of these.

1. Trying very very hard to wake up in the morning

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The weather is just perfect to sleep in. After all, everyone at home is still sleeping. You want to close your eyes for just one second…

2. Waking up late morning

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After that second turns into hours, you wake up confused, dishevelled and still tempted to just rest in bed and press phone. You already have a lot of work messages. Say no to Satan.

3. Finally making it to your workstation (hall)

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You just want to get the day off and enjoy the weather. Song Request: Sista Afia Ft Medikal, Weather

4. Contemplating what will happen if you went ghost


What if you put your phone on airplane mode, watched movies and enjoyed your life the whole day? After all, you’ve been giving work your all right? Why can’t they give you a day off? They can survive on their own right?

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