Netflix Is Donating $5 Million To Black-Owned Businesses And Programs

Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels

In light of the latest Black Lives Matter Movement, several companies have expressed their solidarity with the movement. Companies have done this through initiatives and gestures in support of Black People. Netflix is one of such companies.

The streaming service curated a “Black Lives Matter” collection featuring over 45 titles that tackle the problem of racial injustice, and chronicle the experience of being black in America.

The company has said that it will donate $5 million to organizations that are geared towards creating opportunities for Black Creators, Black Youth and Black-Owned businesses.

Netflix chairman and CEO Reed Hastings gave a statement on the company’s planned donations.

“Tackling racism and injustice in meaningful ways means creating long-term opportunities for the Black community. The main role we play is through our funding of and member viewing of important content like ‘When They See Us.’ As an additional step, today we’re committing $5 million to nonprofits dedicated to creating direct opportunities for Black creators, Black youth and Black-owned businesses.”

Additionally, any time that a Netflix employee donates to Black and racial-justice causes, the company matches the donation at 200%.

Source: Variety


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