Meet Dr Danielle Twum: The Ghanaian Scientist Fighting Cancer In The Lab

Dr Danielle Twum. Photo credit: Danielle Twum/Instagram

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases humans encounter. Most women and some men also suffer from breast cancer.

In some sever instances the breast is cut off or even a patient might lose their life.

However, one Ghanaian scientist is helping to fight this awful disease.

Dr Danielle Twum holds a PhD in Cancer Immunology where she focuses on the immunology of breast cancer metastasis.

Originally from Ghana, Dr Twum moved to the United States in 2007. She gained admission to Vassar College shortly after where she earned a B.A. in Biology, at the time she studied the effect of climate change on corals.

However, Danielle had cultivated an interest in cancer. This occurred after a brain tumor had claimed her uncle’s life at a young age.

In 2017 as a graduate student at the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, Danielle received the prestigious Emerging Scholars Award from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), recognizing her among the distinguished alumni of its Continuing Umbrella for Research Excellence (CURE) programs.

In 2015, as a third year pre-doctoral candidate at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Danielle delivered a talk at the TEDxBuffalo 2015.

She currently works as a Field Applications Scientist at LevitasBio, a company that is advancing science and human health by providing researchers with a new and powerful methods of cellular analysis.

When she not in the lab fighting cancer, Dr Danielle Twum would be touring and exploring the local food scene wherever she finds herself.

Dr Danielle Twum is the definition of Ghanaian Excellence.


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