Meet David Victor Udofa, A Budding Student Photographer

David Victor Udofa
David Victor Udofa

There are times when we develop a new business idea but do not feel appreciated. We feel like no one is noticing how hard we’ve been working or the quality in our talents and creativity. We become depressed and abandon those dreams in pursuit of less acceptable realities.

David Victor Udofa finds his own motivation by allowing himself to be his biggest fan. All visual works used in this article were captured by David Victor Junior.

School and working experience

David Victor Udofa is a photographer and is currently a mass communication student in one of the top university in Nigeria, University Of Lagos (UNILAG). He narrates how he had always loved radio broadcasting where people get to hear his voice without seeing him. Although he wasn’t granted admission for two years because he didn’t meet the school’s cut-off, he persisted till God favoured him.

The talented photographer revealed how he developed himself through personal training, advice, workshops and consistency. His first working experience came when a lady Named Elizabeth told him to be her photographer for her birthday shoot. His client whose face was beaming with happiness liked the outcome and praised him for it.


When asked how he manages to balance his work without compromising his studies, he replied that he was always setting his priorities right, he doesn’t allow one to be in the way of the other therefore he hasn’t had the experience of taking a break from photography to focus on his studies. Adding that he was always pushing the passion.

In his opinion, he considers every job challenging because he has to bring his creative mind to play at any shoot. He said “sometimes consistency is harder when no one is clapping for you, you must clap for yourself during those times. You should always be your biggest fan. Remember passion + Consistency = Success.

David is into beauty, portrait, wedding, fashion and lifestyle photography. He always resolves to do a good job so that none of his clients would feel dissatisfied or disappointed. His own ideology of competition is where photographers commend and support each other’s work. Rather than see it as a competition, he sees it as a motivation that pushes him to the edge to produce a positive outcome.


David’s plan for the future is to teach others who are interested in photography. He plans on exploring and doing some documentaries while collating his work until he eventually has an art gallery of his own. He advised other students who have other burning passion besides schooling to keep learning by adding questions concerning their field. He urges them to be open to critics because some are there to sharpen them. But they should ensure to filter hate words that can bring them down.

Check more of his work via his Instagram page @dvj_ng


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