Akon Announces $6 Billion USD Construction Contract For Akon City In Senegal

Akon Announces $6 Billion USD Construction Contract For Akon City In Senegal

Further details of Akon’s dream city have just surfaced. The biggest news regarding the project is the announcement of U.S.-based engineering and consulting firm KE International’s $6 billion USD contract to build the city.

The President of Senegal, Macky Sall, plans for the city to act as a special tax zone with full infrastructure like roads, a Hamptons Hospital campus, Hamptons Mall, residences, hotels, police, schools, waste facilities, and a solar power plant. Akon‘s partners include US-based Kenyan entrepreneur and Investor, Julius Mwale, who ha also worked with KE International on his $2 billion USD Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC) project. Currently 85-percent complete, MMTC is expected to serve over 35,000 community members with its supermarket, hospital, mall, golf course, and is 100% powered by renewable energy.

Akon aims for Akon City to be LEED-certified (Leader in Energy and Environmental Design) while attracting foreign investment from its tax incentives. Akon City, located less than and hour south of Dakar’s international airport, will also run exclusively on AKOIN — Akon’s cryptocurrency. For those excited to visit the celebrity/artist’s very-own city, you can expect Akon City to be complete in the year 2030.

Source: Hypebeast

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