4 Times Tulenkey Proved He Can Easily Claim King Of Rap

Tulenkey's most unpopular songs

Only if he wanted.

Tulenkey is some talented rapper.

Ever since we first saw him rapping over Cardi B’s Like It for what will become his first hit single, Child Abuse, the young man has proven he’s a badass rapper who is versatile in dropping verses in both English, Twi and pidgin.

His first mixtape, 1/1 was way too good and finally, we will be getting an EP from him soon, aptly titled Agenda.

I constantly go back to listening to his mixtape and freestyles because they are fire!!!! And lowkey, it hurts that there are people who only know him for the fun songs…the “Proud fvck boys” and “Girlfriend” songs and not for the fact that he can body your favourite rapper at any given time and place in any style…whether it’s commercial rap or pure hip-hop, he’s got the talent to do it all!

These are our top 5 badass yet not really recognized rap freestyles and songs from Tulenkey

A freestyle that deserves accolades!!

On Forever ’96, I promise for a second, you’d stop and ask if it’s really Tulenkey. He went back and gave us the 90s style of rap. Maybe we are mistaken but it seems he also sampled Tha Saint’s Don’t Stop The Funk

The Composure freestyle is definitely one of the lighter versions of Tulenkey. He did his thing in twi and it has that same playful tone as what was on “Girlfriend” and “Proud Fvck Boys”

New Mexico Freestyle sounds just like you’d expect. Tulenkey rapping in Twi over a Carribean music type of sound…his producer did a good job cos we found out that he actually sampled something from an Ethiopian musician and well…doesn’t matter if it’s an Ethiopian sample titled New Mexico!

We cannot wait for his debut EP to drop and in the meantime, jsut go back to his 1/1 mixtape because it was just pure flames!

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