Natural Hair Struggles We Can Definitely Relate To

Image of a lady in a natural hair twist out like an afro Source: fashionbombhair

Let’s be quite honest here, natural hair is beautiful, versatile and just looks amazing but it is hard work. People who say that natural hair isn’t expensive clearly do not know what they are talking about as you’ll have to buy a variety of products to feed your hair. Taking care of your natural hair can be very tiring and can take up your whole day. It involves a lot of work and PATIENCE!!

You can already tell that I’m getting into my feelings for this one because sometimes, your hair really demands all of you and when you have to balance working every time and dealing with it, it can get very very frustrating.

Here are some struggles I’m sure we can all relate to.

1. Wash Days

101 Natural Hair Tips: Wash Day Hair Tips 21-30 – Mrsphatandnaptural

Wash days are a struggle!! You have to psyche up your mind and body before doing it. From applying deep conditioners or protein treatments to waiting for a while to finally washing the hair, then detangling. After that there’s a whole process of applying your moisturizers and oils and styling it for the next day. People think it’s just washing your hair but it really is more than that and it can literally take up your whole day! If you have to do something that day, it’s better to do it the night before so that you have the time for your hair. And your arms! Oh your arms will hurt and you can’t do nothing about it.

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