Good News Android Users! WhatsApp Is Fixing The Dark Mode

Photo by Torsten Dettlaff from Pexels

According to, WhatsApp is currently working on a new update. The new update will bring some changes to the dark mode feature of the app on both iOS and Android. You may have noticed already, but the versions of WhatsApp on Android and iOS currently are not the same.

Dark Mode on Android has a different colour palette than what is available on iOS. The version that is available on iOS allows for a true-black app background while the version that is available for Android only allows a dark grey/green colour scheme.

True-black allows your phone to turn off some pixels on your screen instead of displaying black. This allows you to save some battery life when you use the dark mode. However, on the Android-based version of WhatsApp, this isn’t the case.

In addition to bringing a true-black dark mode experience to Android, WhatsApp “leakers” WABetaInfo also discovered that the chat bubbles have been tweaked as well, allowing them to be transparent.

WhatsApp Update Appearance. Source: WABetaInfo

The changes to the dark mode are unlikely to be the only changes that come in a new WhatsApp update.

Source: Express


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