Emmanuel Adebayor Advices Funny Face On Rude And Insulting Social Media Posts

Image of Ghanaian Comedian Funny Face From Vodafone Commercial

Emmanuel Adebayor has earned the respect of popular comedian Funny Face, also known as Kasoa Van Damme (seal-proclaimed). Adebayor is one of the people that Funny Face Attributes his career to. That is why he was in the position to give the comedian advice, and actually have him take it.

Funny Face recently lost custody of his kids (twin girls) to the children’s mother. He has since been seen on social media posting angrily and even sometimes, going as far as threatening and insulting other people.

Adebayor left a comment on a post by Funny Face saying “Bro, people love you and care about you please stop posting unnecessary things and let’s focus on the future.” Funny Face must have taken the words to heart, because he acknowledged Adebayor’s message.

You can see the interaction below:

Source: kuulpeeps.com


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