Add These Songs From Netflix’s 365 Days To Your Sex Playlist!

image via Netflix

If you are a Netflix freak like some of us, then you have definietly watched the new trending movie…365 Dni/365 Days.

If you have watched it or heard anyone talking about it, then you certainly did not hear any positive word about the movie.

First of all, it is a classic Mills and Boons or Harlequin romance type of story: Man kidnaps girl and forces her to fall in love with him, they hate each other and also love each other and oh we almost forgot…there is a large dose of sex or sexual tension.

365 Days is a trash movie full stop but, one nice thing we discovered was the music!

Once the wave of disappointment from the movie passed, we decided to find the songs which will be perfect for what the movie was about anyways…SEX! Fun fact, the very handsome and sexy actor is also a singer and some of his songs were featured in the movie.

Watch him sing his song for Feel It which was featured in the movie!

And feel free to update your sex playlists with these!

Ps: We only selected the ones that will, you know, set the tone for that sexy time!

  • Michele Morrone- Hard For Me
  • Ghost Monroe – I Am The Fire
  • The Rigs – The Hunted
  • Nick Kingsley & Hannah Hart – You Made A Monster +
  • Alex Condliffe & Lamb Hands – You +
  • Michele Morrone- Watch Me Burn
  • Royksopp – Here She Comes Again
  • Everybody loves an outlaw – I see Red
  • SATV Music – Finish Line
  • Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy, Daniel Ryan – Prisoner
  • Michele Morrone- Feel It

Apple Music Users can just add the playlist here: 365 Days faves


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