10 Things Nigerian Commuters Can Relate To.

public transportation photo via zikoko.com
public transportation photo via zikoko.com

If you are a regular user of public transports, you would have experienced many of these transport issues. Even if you aren’t a regular user, you would at least board a bus once in a month. Right?… Definitely!. Here are some 10 scenarios a regular user of public transport can relate to

1. Arriving at the bus terminal by 5 am only to find long queue

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Often times, I wonder if these people in the queue don’t sleep at all

2. No forthcoming bus after you’ve bought a ticket

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You’ve promised yourself you wouldn’t queue until there are a lot of buses on ground. Great news! You got to the terminal to buy a ticket. Then boom!. No buses again. Funny enough 3 red buses and cabs will now drive by.

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