Salma Noor: The Lady Behind The #VogueChallenge

Salma Noor (image via Instagram/itssalmanoor)

This week has been an amazing one for a lot of creatives, especially black creatives, who participated in the #VogueChallenge.

Twitter, this week, was flooded with amazing pictures with the Vogue logo, as black creatives including photographers, models and editors, showed the world and international brands how good they are.

However, the challenge, according to vogue, began with a tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Salma Noor, an Oslo-based student, first posted a black and white photo of herself with the Vogue logo and a headline reading: “being Black is not a crime” as a Black Lives Matter protest.

Salma Noor’s post

The photo Salma posted was taken by photographer Angèlique Culvin.

In an interview with Vogue, Salma Noor stated that she wanted to create something new while speaking on something that is very important.

“I am a Black, young Muslim woman who wanted to create something new while speaking on something that is very important,” she said.

Salma also revealed why she chose Vogue for her campaign.

“I chose Vogue because it’s the standard one strives to reach, and it is one of my favourite magazines.”

Salma, however, did not expect that her idea would become a worldwide trending topic, but she is excited to see talented photographers show the world how good they are.

“I was happy to see so many beautiful faces and talented photographers like Angelique that don’t get enough credit for their hard work.”

“I would [also] like to see more models of different ethnicities and skin colours, [exposure for] those without a big platform.”

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