Kweku Afro Drops New Song, “Fiesta”

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Kweku Afro is back; this time bigger, better and badder.

His latest offering, ‘Fiesta’ off his forthcoming EP ”Nothing to Something” is a highly animated song which will have speaker units going crazy for weekends on end. ‘Fiesta’ sweeps listeners into a glamorous party ambience. Its overall vibe and energy are enough to grip the body of any party lover.

According to Kweku Afro, his new song is simply one for enjoyment; nothing less, nothing more. But he further elaborates over the phone: ”For many, every waking day means a new phase of an endless hustle. This tune encourages us to sit back and count our blessings, however small”.

Of course, ‘Fiesta’ won’t be a complete party song without models and bottles in the mix. Kweku Afro does well to capture these very fine elements in context, fastened with some very welcomed lyrics and sleek vocals. It is also worth noting that ‘Fiesta’ is a self-produced song by Kweku Afro under the alias of Maestro. Its mixing and mastery however, was handled by seasoned beat genius, Possigee. 

David Kweku Appiah-Kubi, popularly known as Kweku Afro is a multi-genre artist who is currently signed to Twist Entertainment Legacy. Over the years, he has produced a reliable catalogue of singles in the frame of ‘Nothing to Something’, ‘Monalisa’ and ‘Party Papa’. ‘Fiesta’ lives up to its namesake and is undisputedly one for the airwaves.

2020 is far from over and fans can expect more goodies from Kweku Afro’s camp.

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