ATU: All Students Should Take Note Of This Important Notice.


On Sunday 31st May 2020, the President of the Republic of Ghana in his 10th address to the Nation on COVID – 19, directed all final year students in the Public Universities to report to School on 15th June 2020.
With reference to the decision of the Academic Board during its meeting held on 3rd June 2020 that, final year students report to campus as directed by the President. The Students’ Representative Council wishes to inform all final year residents that, both New and Old hostels will be opened on Monday 15th June 2020. Also, first and second-year residents are to come for their belongings from Tuesday 16th June 2020 to 19th June 2020 between the hours of 10:00 am to 3:00 pm each day.
To ensure a safe and conducive environment for staff and students in the University and at the Examination Centers, management of Accra Technical University has put in place the following COVID-19 preventive measures for the resumption of academic work and examination for final year students.

  1. Hostel Facilities
     The Hostels will be fumigated by a professional cleaning and disinfection entity.
     A maximum of two persons will be assigned to occupy each room in the Hostel.
     A section of the ground floor at the Hostels will be reserved as isolation rooms for medical emergencies.
     No visitors shall be allowed in the Hostels during the period.
     Students will be made to complete personal protection enforcement forms.
  2. Canteen Services
     Food vendors must present a medical certificate of fitness before being allowed to provide food services to students and undergo pre-qualification screening and sensitization.
     Canopies will be erected at open spaces on Campus to serve as eating joints for students to avoid crowding of students at the canteens while ensuring social distancing.
     HCIM Department has been tasked to sell food to students on Campus including evenings and weekends.
  3. Personal Protection Equipment and Etiquettes (PPEEs)
     Wearing of face mask will be mandatory while using public space in the University. ‘No mask no entry’ regulation will be enforced.
  4. The Fashion Department of the University will produce and distribute ATU face masks to students and staff.
  5.  Additional Veronica buckets will be fabricated by the Mechanical Engineering Department and positioned at classroom blocks, library, examination centres, hostels, canteens, and other vantage locations.
  6.  Additional wall-mounted dispensers will be installed at classroom blocks, library, examination centres, hostels, and other vantage locations to be filled with ATU alcohol-based hand sanitizers produced by the Departments of Science / Medical Laboratory
  7. Technology.
  8.  The classrooms, the library, laboratories, and workshops will be fumigated before the resumption of academic work. Professional cleaning and disinfection entity will be engaged to disinfect all surfaces, floors, and door handle at the Examination Centers after every examination cohort.
  9.  All academic engagements (teaching and examination) and sitting arrangement in the classrooms and examination centres must strictly adhere to social/physical distancing protocols of at least 1 meter apart.
  10.  The ATU sanitary workers will be sensitized and provided with personal protective equipment (PPEs) to ensure proper sanitary conditions at the washrooms, offices, and general compound under strict supervision.
  11.  Trained security personnel have been provided with thermometer guns at the points of entry to screen for persons with high body temperature.
  12.  The security will enforce the ‘no mask no entry’ regulation, the inspection of students’ ID cards, and the no visitors’ regulation at the Hostels and all other regulations together with the health and safety monitoring team.
  13.  The University facilities are unavailable for any religious activities. No sporting event will be allowed in the University.
  14. Medical Emergency Services
     The University Ambulance Service will be available to provide emergency services and convey patients to the appropriate health facility.
     Suspected cases will be referred to the Greater Accra Regional Hospital (a designated health facility for Covid-19) for comprehensive medical attention.
    The SRC entreat all students to be physically active, eat well, drink plenty of fluids, reduce stress, have enough sleep, and seek immediate medical help if an infection is suspected or symptoms occur. All students are also encouraged to adhere to all preventive measures published by the World Health Organization and Ministry of Health to prevent transmission of the Covid-19.
    The SRC will continue to communicate new developments that arise.
    Thank you
    Yours in service Issued By:
    Safo Kwasi Yayra Aziave Abigail
    (SRC President) (SRC PRO)


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