5 Things You Didn’t Know About Wedding Cakes

Black couple cutting their wedding cake. Source: heartofncweddings.com

I have never seen a wedding held here in Ghana where there wasn’t a cake. There are so many beliefs surrounding wedding cakes in Ghana that there has to be one at your wedding.

Typically, at a Ghanaian wedding reception, an elderly woman assists the couple when cutting the cake, after giving a small speech on the significance of the cake and its make-up. After it has been cut, the bride and groom feed each other with it and according to the Ghanaian culture, this signifies a commitment to provide for one another and is also a display of love and affection. The top tier of the cake is also saved in the freezer for about a year and used to celebrate the first year aniversary.

In as much as this is the culture we know and are brought up in, there are certain facts about wedding cakes we know you don’t know and we want to share with you.

1. Cakes were a symbol of fertility

Everything You Need to Know About the Secret Meaning of Wedding Cakes

Originally they were made with only wheat (a symbol of fertility and prosperity) and thrown at the bride. Eventually, they became edible, although they were broken over the bride’s head as a symbol of breaking the bride’s virginity and the groom’s dominance over her. (Source: mchalescatering.com)

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