Some Struggles Only 90s Kids Will Relate To

Kerosene lamp
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Nothing warms your heart faster than seeing images that evoke nostalgia. Everthing seems to come with its own memories and the best part of seeing this is the ability to say: “Young people of today will never know!”

We came across these images on Twitter and it immediately reminded us of the struggle that came with it!!

Ice Water

Yhup, that was all it was called. Iced water/ice water.

Back then, only the dbees and ‘too known’ people bought sachet water because those were slightly more expensive. Ice water was just 50 pesewas which will be the nonexistent 5 pesewas we rarely use now. Buying this made sense because it was easy to satisfy all the “I’m after you” that came up from your friends.

Best part of this was poking your fingers inside and pulling at the ends so it looked like it had a face and devil ears.

image via Twitter//@ricchkidd1

Spoilt Charlewote/ Rubber slippers

Everyone had a pair of rubber slippers called charlewote and unless your childhood was boring, most of us spent time outside playing. But sometimes, when you’re playing, your slippers will get torn and if you do not want your mummy to beat you up…better find a pin to keep the slipper together.

Sometimes, your parents will do this too because who wants to waste money buying you new slippers for the 50th time??? Oh and yes, sometimes the pin hurts your feet.

image via Twitter//@ricchkidd1

Filling up the kerosene lantern

‘Light off’ has been with us for a long time and these lanterns were the ‘one-step-better-than-candles’ option. Some of us remember writing BECE with this because of ‘light off.’

You always had to remember to fill it with kerosene before the lights went off again and cleaning or washing the soot out of the glass bulb was sometimes very scary cos if you dared drop the bulb for it to break…you would receive lashes!! Fixing in a new wick was always difficult for me but lighting it was my favourite thing to do.

There were people who fixed this too for a living. They went round the area and helped replace broken parts.

image via Twitter//@ricchkidd1

Making calls with the Ghana Telecom Payphones

Right now everyone has a mobile phone but back then, your parents needed to get you a Ghana Telecom card and load it with credit so you could call them from the payphone when you get lost or when you need to call them from school.

You never had to waste time at the phone booth charle because there was definitely a queue behind you . Sometimes you call just to say “Call me back” and wait for it to ring immediately after and talking was a chore because talking meant everyone could hear your business!!!

image via Twitter//@ricchkidd1

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