Kow Essuman Wins Outstanding Achievement Award From Westminster University

Kow Essuman

Kow Essuman has taken one for the team… The team of amazing Ghanaians.

After a worldwide vote, the Ghanaian lawyer won the most votes to be named the 2020 Most Outstanding Alumni at the Westminster Alumni Awards.

Last month Kow had a long conversation with Kuulpeeps.com where he talked about getting into law, helping his clients to get what they are worth and even winning the very first case he argued in front of the Ghana Supreme Court – that was our favourrite story.

How his senior lawyer who was out of town had asked him to argue a case at the Supreme Court. His boss didn’t believe they had a chance to win it.

Still, Kow took on the challenge and went up against one of the best lawyers in the country.

He argued his motion perfectly that he even got the Supreme Court judge to do something that was not the norm – passing judgement right after hearing the opposing arguments.

However, the genius Kow got the honorable judge to give his decision right there.

If winning over judges with arguments doesn’t make him awesome, then how about the fact that he has the ear of President Akufo-Addo.

As counsel to the President, Kow has the job of providing expert advice to the President, who has the tougher job of running the country.

Kow is licensed to practice law in Ghana, England and Wales as well as New York.

Congrats Kow… The Flag of Ghana rises ever higher.



Source: kuulpeeps.com

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