Ghanaian Model Roselyn Ashkar Shares Her Encounter With A Sexual Predator

Roselyn Ashkar, Ghanaian model and media personality (image via Twitter/Opeimu)

Roselyn Ashkar, a Ghanaian model and media personality, has shared an encounter that she had with a sexual predator as a teenage model.

Roselyn participated in the 8th edition of popular reality TV pageant, Miss Malaika Ghana.

She revealed that after she made it into the top 16, a man, who posed as a top member of the production team, called her and proposed to make her the winner of the pageant if she had sex with him. Ashkar, who did not want to win that way, denied the man’s offer.

She also revealed that she denied subsequent offers from the same man.

After conducting her own investigation about the man, she got to know that he was not a member of the production team.

According to her, these men take advantage of the naivety of young girls who are desperate to become famous.

Roselyn Ashkar, however, advised young ladies who are seeking to take up a career in modelling or the media not to be blinded by fame. He asked them to go through the right processes to achieve their dreams.

“It might not happen fast enough or easy enough, but it will happen. Put in the work!” she advised.

Watch Roselyn Ashkar narrate her experience in the video below:
Roselyn Ashkar shares her encounter with a sexual predator


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