ATU: SRC Addresses Concerns About Resumption Of Final Year Students In A Letter To Management


The Student Representative Council has submitted a letter to the management of the Accra Technical University citing what they are referring to as legitimate concerns as to why final year students shouldn’t report back to campus but rather be given take home assignments.

The letter states various reasons why they are advocating for that decision and they are asking the school management to give it some consideration.

Take a look at the full letter below

DATE: 11TH JUNE, 2020.

Following the directives by the President of the Republic of Ghana H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in his 10th Address to the Nation on the COVID -19 Pandemic on the re-opening of educational institutions for final year students on Sunday, May 31st 2020, Management in an attempt to follow up to the announcement of the gradual resumption of academic work announced to the university community on the 8th of June, 2020, revision of the guidelines to completing the second semester of 2019/2020 academic year.
The SRC acknowledges the efforts of management so far but would like to submit to your high office the following legitimate concerns arising from the masses in favour of final year students coming back to campus.
Final year students have been home for several months with the engagement of E-learning of which courses were not effectively taught and as a result posing a challenge with regard to the understanding of students. The SRC would like to state that final year students strongly need face to face teaching and learning at this moment especially in the areas of practical courses. Final year
students of the Science Laboratory Technology Department, Hotel Catering and Institutional Management department, Building, Computer Science, Engineering and Fashion department strongly need to use various laboratory facilities available on campus to be able to understand the hands-on aspect of lectures before writing end of semester examinations.
In view of the above, it is worthy to note that it will be beneficial to all stakeholders should management put in place strict Covid-19 protocols that can help accommodate final year students on campus for effective teaching and learning to take place and to also write the examination on campus. The SRC believes that the Health and safety committee can rescue the University from any danger as they have already suggested to Management effective preventive protocols that will curtail the spread of Covid-19 should final year students come to campus.
The SRC also states that the Covid-19 cannot be experimented with and as such management should note that the disease can spread even on the first day of writing the examination on campus should final year students stay home for the next three weeks and to be engaged with the Zoom technology as a module for teaching and learning. Information reaching SRC is that final year students of other Technical universities (KsTU, HTU, KTU, STU, TTU etc.) who are residents in Accra which is a strong hotspot of Covid-19 will be going to their various campuses on the 15th of June, 2020 as part of the directives of the president because the management of such institutions has put in place preventive measures to be able to accommodate their final year students.

The SRC on the other side understands the situation in which our educational system is facing and as such would like to relate it to a world – war type which demands constructive planning and controlling to be able to overcome the common enemy (COVID-19). With reference to experiences concerning the usage of Zoom for conferences and other meetings, one can boldly state that network fluctuations and the cost involved in accessing the zoom for a constant two or three hours by a student in this current situation will serve as an obstacle to the attainment of set objectives. Not disputing the provision number 7 stated in the communique from management dated 8th of June, 2020 SRC would like to know the feasibility and practicality of such initiative since we are all aware of the slow system we have.
In view of this, final year students believe that there are many factors that aid the success of a student and as such if management will still opt for final year students to continue with the zoom technology for three weeks (i.e. which is even not enough) at home by way of controlling the spread of the disease, then final year students must be allowed to write take-home examination and
not to come to campus to have a normal examination.
In conclusion, SRC humbly appeal to your high office to consider the above legitimate concerns raised in relation to final year students coming back to campus to have face to face teaching and learning and as such it is our humble plea that management deploy every security and preventive protocols to host final year students on campus as they are in suspense and waiting to hear from SRC.
This will go a long way to satisfy both primary stakeholders (students) and the staff at large since we are not in normal times.
Counting on your usual cooperation as SRC and the general student body await your response.
Yours faithfully,
…………………. ………………….
All students
Pro Vice-Chancellor
Dean of Students Affairs
Examination Officer
Alumni chairman


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