ATU: Revised Guidelines For Completion Of The Second Semester Of The 2019/2020 Academic Year


Following the earlier guidelines published on Tuesday 9th June 2020, providing detailed
arrangements towards reopening of the University and writing of examinations, mainly for
the final year students to complete their academic work and graduate, Management wishes
to revise the guidelines as follows:

  1. The University reopens on Monday 15th June 2020 for all final year students, following the directives by the President of the Republic in his 10th Address to the Nation on the COVID-19 pandemic on Sunday, 31st May 2020.
  2. In anticipation of the provision of protective measures to ensure the safety of staff/students, face-to-face lectures will resume from Monday 22nd June 2020.
  3. Management will allow for four (4) weeks of face-to-face lectures for all final year students before the conduct of the end of second-semester examinations.
  4. Staff/Students are advised to follow strictly the new teaching timetables and the COVID-19 preventive measures published on Tuesday 9th June 2020.
  5. The University LMS would still be used to support teaching/learning especially with assignments, forum discussions, and announcements.
  6. All examinations will be conducted the usual way, on-campus, strictly adhering to the examination timetable.
  7. All final year students on the Non-Tertiary programmes who are due to write external examinations will continue lectures/tutorials/revision until their examination is due.
  8. All other students are to stay off campus until further directives are issued.
  9. All previous arrangements for Continuous Assessment and Project Work still hold.
  10. International students who are outside the country will be allowed to return granted their country will allow them to exit. In this regard, they are to send a scanned copy of their passport biodata with an application letter to return to Ghana. The documents should be sent to the Public Relations Officer through email at [email protected] latest by 22nd June 2020.
    The University community is therefore kindly urged to take note of the current arrangements and comply accordingly, for the safety of everyone on the ATU campus.
    Prof Amevi Acakpovi
    Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Ag.)


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