8 Female Celebs And What They’d Look Like As Males

Rihanna image via Twitter//@eyeslikeshak

Ever wondered what some of the biggest female pop singers would look like as men?

Fans have no business doing this but, let’s admit it’s really fun to do and see!

Here’s look at some of the female artsites…as men!!

Let’s start with Rihanna because she makes everyone’s heart throb!


Male Rihanna looks exotic and looks like he might still break hearts!

image via Twitter//@eyeslikeshak

Although this one looks like a black guy with a perm who’s probably Nigerian too!

image via Twitter//@eyeslikeshak


image via Twitter//@eyeslikeshak

Beyonce when she sees her male version:

no i don't want no frauds, wink wink (With images) | Beaut ...
via Pinterest

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