5 Common Relationship Myths Ladies Need To Stop Believing

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There are so many false notions about relationships that we have built in our minds because of the various movies and series we watch.

Most of these expectations will cause nothing but heartaches because we are in the real world and stuff happens. You cannot keep assuming that all these things are true, because you’ll keep getting heartaches and disappointments.
Here are 5 common relationship myths you need to stop believing.

1. Opposites attract and those relationships last longer

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For some reason a number of ladies think that once you guys have opposite interests, it makes for a better relationship. In as much as this may be true because you tend to have a glimpse of each world and there’s always something new to talk about, there is also the chance that you will feel misunderstood and not appreciated enough because your partner doesn’t fully grasp what you’re about. This isn’t a one-fits-all situation as it may work for one couple and may not necessarily work for another.

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