Weird Sexual Traditions Practiced In Africa

A foreign journalist speaks with girls ready to undergo sexual cleansing. Photo credit: BBC

There are a lot of different tribes in Africa and it makes sense that we will see some people’s “weird” culture come up one way or another.

As much as we like to keep sex a hushed topic in Africa, there’s no doubt that a lot more people engage in it. Take a look at our grandparents and great grandparents who had over 8 children. Some even had up to 15 kids but still, nobody will talk about the subject with you. We’ve never seen our parents kiss but someway somehow they have 5 or more kids. It is what it is charley.

There are a number of odd sexual practices which are practiced in Africa that will definitely shock you. Take a look at 5 of them here.

1. Virginity Testing in South Africa

Sex rituals
Virginity testing ritual in South Africa. Photo credit: an24

Virginity testing in South Africa is common in Zulu culture. They do it with gloves and icansi (grass mat)”. After the testing, the girls that are “pure” are given certificates to prove their status as virgins. For them, the hymen that is inspected is supposed to be covered by a piece of flesh (the umhlumbi), the presence of which indicates that the girl is still a virgin. Other signs that show that a young woman is still a virgin, according to the inspectors, include tight muscle tone, firm buttocks and breasts and a flat abdomen. The inspectors also claim to be able to identify whether a girl is a virgin or not simply by looking at her as she walks by. (Source:

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