Twitter Sets A Trap For Those Who Retweet Stories Based On Headlines

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In this viral culture, most people often react to headlines.

We are quick to retweet, reply and favorite tweets based on the headlines and sometimes the photo that goes with the tweet.

However, as we know in journalism world, the headlines can sometimes be misleading and would not reflect the entirety of the story.

Headlines, by nature are supposed to be the part of the story that strikes a nerve to get you to actually click on the link.

However, what often happens is that the headline, not the actually story, often ignites debates and virtual wars.

Twitter is trying to remedy that.

When people try to retweet an article they haven’t opened on Twitter, you will be asked if you would like to open it first.

At least, then you can get the full story behind the headline you’re about to make viral.

Just like the headline we created for this story… this new feature is not a trap… really.

Y’all here for this?


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