#TBT: Old School Footwear Nigerians Used To Wear Growing Up

Cortina Shoes
Cortina Shoes

Do you remember the time before sneakers and trainers, when children wore sandals to school?

Jelly Sandals were common to females and also comes in different colours and sizes.

Jelly Sandals

Even during rainy seasons, these sandals were in vogue because they were made of rubber.

Jelly Sandals

If you went to a public school as a kid, you must have seen a thousand and one children wearing this. There’s no doubt some school children still wear them.

Later T-bar/Cortina shoes replaced them.

Cortina shoes

As at then, it was believed only the financially buoyant children could afford the Cortina shoe.

Cortina shoes

All the shoe needed was Groundnut oil or water if no polish was left to make it look new and sparkling.

Which of these did you wear?

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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