Everything You Need To Know About Modest Fashion

Images of Hamdiya Hamid from @mss.deee

Modest fashion is slowly finding it’s way into the fashion space in Ghana and we would have it no other way. A lot of people are noticeably embracing big shapes, covered-up silhouettes, and creative layering but it seems like majority of the people are Muslims and so people tend to assume that Modest Fashion is a Muslim thing which isn’t true.

For those confused, modest fashion relates to having a degree of awareness when it comes to covering up parts of your body. It describes clothing that conceals rather than accentuates the shape of the body.

The rise of modest fashion, specifically in the case of young religious women, was born through the need for more fashionable clothing options. A growing number of Muslim designers and social media stars decided to fill gaps that they have spotted in the market, using their platform to gain influence and set up online stores. (Source: independent.co.uk)

Instagram has truly propelled modest fashion into the mainstream, giving a space for women who follow faith-based dress codes to flourish with tens and hundreds of thousands of followers (some even surpass a million). They are the muses of the movement, prompting many Western fashion brands to start catering to women who seek more conservative clothing styles. Many women argue that choosing to cover up is a feminist assertion, even though mainstream pictures of feminism, propagated by musicians and reality television stars, involve the shedding – not layering – of clothing. (Source: femalefirst.co.uk)

Modest fashion influencers in Ghana like Yakubu Shiella, @blaq_muslimah, Hamdiya Hamid and @goldmuslimah excite us with the beautiful content they put out as they’ve mastered the art of style so much so that, you appreciate the beauty of what they’re wearing and you don’t even notice that they’re covered.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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