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This article was written by Roland Ofori

Nothing gives me joy and fulfilment than writing. Anytime I feel the urge to write, it is like a huge burden placed on my shoulder, making me uncomfortable till I completely empty myself into books.When I am done writing, I feel completely drained both physically and emotionally, an indication that I have poured out my very soul.

When I write, time seems to come to a standstill, nothing else matters, every fibre of my being comes alive, all my worries disappear for that moment in time. That is how I know I have the calling of a writer.

Never get engrossed with who reads or does not read your work as a writer. Though some of your work has relevance today, most of your work will be for the benefit of the future generation.

People may look down you, mock you now, but don’t let their ignorance impede you. The universe is beckoning you to release that nugget you have hidden in your heart. Move them to the tip of your fingers and let it flow freely to the medium that the world can access.

That nugget is not yours, it has its unique place in keeping the balance of the universe, for it might be the singular trigger for an average man to become extraordinary, a weary soul finding hope, a lost son discovering his purpose and a weakling becoming a mighty warrior.

A writer will never know the full impact of her work during her lifetime.  Like a fine wine, a good writing gets better and more relevant with age. Like a chain reaction, every impact your writing makes on one soul will trigger even a bigger impact on other souls.

Good writing is timeless, powerful, seeping through the barriers of the mind and soul of its recipients, totalling transforming their lives

I feel lost when I don’t write. There is a missing part of me that I can only discover through writing.Writing gives me privileged access to the depths of my subconscious, drawing out depths of information I never knew I existed.

I can’t stop writing even if I want to. I have come foo far, I am too aware of my power and relevance in keeping the balance of things in this universe

I embrace who I am, I love who I am, I am a writer.

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Roland is a Blogger at He is an Engineer by training, Marketing Professional, Husband, Father, and a reading enthusiast.

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